Fashion for Travel

Planning a trip can be stressful, but packing doesn’t have to be! Stylist and Resident Fashion Expert, Amy Seeman stopped by to share her tips for bringing fewer things that you can mix and match while still creating standout looks. Packing is a styling service she offers so when in doubt, hire an expert.

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Amy’s tips:

  1. Make a plan– If you have an itinerary have it printed to jot notes next to the scheduled events or make a list of how many day/night outfits you will need.
  2. Shop your closet first — We have a tendency to want to buy all new outfits for vacation, but I’d encourage you to start with what you already own and then fill in gaps as needed. You might surprise yourself by how little you actually need to buy.
  3. Start with pieces that excite you– You don’t need an entirely different outfit for every day you are there, you can mix and match a few key pieces to create new looks so start with what WOW’s you and then add in some filler pieces. A jumpsuit that can transition from day to night, a kimono that doubles as a swimsuit cover up, a graphic tee that has multiple colors and layers under the kimono with shorts and also ties over a skirt with heels at night, and your favorite jacket for your travel day that can also be worn draped over your shoulders at night when you are chilled in your sundress.
  4. Accessorize– You can take a look from day to night simply by switching up the shoe and jewelry or adding a scarf.
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