Mom Makeover at Ridgedale Center

Moms out there, imagine being with your kids, those cute little faces, 24-hours a day, every day. Not being away from your 14-month old ever and then getting a call from Twin Cities Live telling you you’ve won a makeover. It’s what happenedd to Saint Paul mom, Tina Walls. Just a few days ago, reporter Kelli Hanson helped treat this mom of four to a day all to herself at Ridgedale Center. And what she got was way more than some peace and quiet.

TCL Stylist and Ridgedale Center Personal Shopper Jodi Mayers helped Tina find the perfect look from Urban Violet and Evereve, located right at Ridgedale Center. But you don’t have to win a makeover to have Jodi do the same for you. You can now give yourself a style makeover by scheduling a personal styling or shopping session with Jodi Mayers and Style Partners at Ridgedale Center. Click here for all the details.

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