Smoke-Proof Beauty

Today is Earth Day. It’s also the world launch of a new skincare product. It’s a first-of-its-kind beauty solution that has the unique ability to “smoke-proof” your skin from wildfire pollution and other environmental smoke.

Por Moi founder and skincare expert Ulli Haslacher is with us today to explain why we all need Smoke Alarm Drops.

Special Offer #1: Buy One, Gift One – Smoke Alarm Drops Launch
Product: Smoke Alarm Drops + Half-Size Day Cream + Smoke Alarm Drops Donation
Special Pricing: $45 + FREE SHIPPING
Retail Value: $115

Save an additional 35% on smoke alarm drops with the code: Earth35

Special Offer #2: Mother’s Day Petal Soft Gift Set
Product: Rose Moisture Mask + Full-Size Day Cream + Clarifying Polish + Hairband w/Detachable Rose
Special Pricing: $69 + FREE SHIPPING
Retail Value: $142

Offer Good Through: April 30, 2022


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