Closet Consultation and Styling Tips

Do you ever stand and just stare at your closet? It’s full of clothes but still you think, “I’ve got nothing to wear.” It isn’t because you need to go and and spend more money on more clothes. Rather, you just need a little closet facelift! Fashion expert and blogger, Amy Seeman, shows us how to get inspired with the looks you already own.

When should you think about hiring Amy?

• Style 101 – I have no idea what I should be wearing for my body type or how to put together an outfit that makes me feel good.
• “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear!”
• I have good taste but I spend too much time deciding what to wear and I just need a fresh perspective or creative eye to help me reimagine the possibilities.
• I’m in transition – new baby and heading back to work soon, new job in a different industry/dress code culture, recently lost a lot of weight and don’t know how to dress my new body.
• One-Off’s – vacation, speaking engagement, work trip, pregnancy

Mention and receive $50 off when you a book a closet consultation with Amy during the month of February. Click here for more info.

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