Products to Warm Up!

The Polar Vortex has left people of the Twin Cities searching for any way to warm up! You could wear a warm coat, a second pair of socks, keep hot coffee at the ready all day long. Or you can just cozy up in a coat, that doubles as a blanket! It’s just one of a few unique products Twin Cities Live Reporter Kelli Hanson found to heat things up!

1. Heim-made
This Minnesota mother-daughter company wants to keep you warm this winter! They make and design unique, fashionable cold-weather apparel. Like the Minne-Skirt. It’s literally a jacket for your behind! Want to warm up even more? Try their Blankoat. The reversible, 900 down fill coat can be used as a coat, or a blanket. And their Mohair socks, made from the first cutting of wool from young Angora coats are super warm, yet breathable. They wick away moisture and some Minnesotan’s choose to wear them all year long.

2. Ember Ceramic Mug
This mug was named one of TIME’S Best Inventions in 2017. It allows you to set your precise drinking temperature and will maintain that temperature for about an hour. It pairs with the Ember App so you’re phone can let you know when your hot beverage is at the perfect temperature to enjoy! The mug enters a sleep mode when empty and wakes when sensing movement. You can find the Ember Ceramic Mug at,, and most Starbucks locations. Retails: $79.95

3. Sprig’s Earbags
If you’re ears have felt the brunt of the Polar Vortex, but a hat isn’t your thing, then you’ll want to grab a pair of Earbags! A thinsulate lining keeps your ears warm. They can fit in your pocket and cost just $15 a pair.

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