Fashion Sneakers for Every Outfit

Fashion Blogger Amy Seeman says there are essentially two categories of sneakers. Flat soles – think the classics like Converse Chuck Taylor’s, Adidas Stan Smith’s, and slip on sneakers and sportier sneakers like a running shoe with a wider toe and more arch support – think Nike Air Max, New Balance, Brooks. When deciding which type of sneaker to pair with which outfit, Amy says there aren’t really any hard and fast rules.

In fact there aren’t as many fashion rules as their used to be. You can wear white all year round, black with brown, your handbag doesn’t need to match your shoes, and you can wear sneakers to the office. As a general guideline though, look for solid prints and sleek lines, wear no-show socks and cuff your pants to show off your ankle bone, and add at least one other casual element in your look to pull it all together.

  1. Look 1 -Sneakers are KSwiss ‘Hoke Fantasy’

+ Amy says: a midi dress with a sneaker is ultra cool. Midi dresses can be tricky though since they tend to hit you at the widest part of your calf, so look for styles that have some ruching on the side so you can adjust the length to hit just below your knee. The bomber jacket is another athleisure staple so it threads the casual vibe of the sneaker all the way through the outfit. Amy chose this mauve color sneaker as opposed to a stark white because it softens the look a bit. Olive and pink are also a trendy color combination for Spring.

  1. Look 2 -Sneakers are MICHAEL Michael Kors ‘Billie’ Trainer

+ Amy says: A shirt dress is another one of my favorite styles to wear with sneakers. The casualness of the sneaker offsets the buttoned up structure of the dress, and the slits on the side elongate your legs without needing to wear heels. I chose a sportier sneaker to show how you could pull this off if you were heading to a Twins Game and then out to dinner afterward. The leopard print in the dress pop against the blue in the sneaker, while the brown suede moto jacket tones it all down to keep it from looking like she’s trying too hard.

  1. Look 3 -Sneakers are Brooks ‘Vanguard Heritage’

+ Amy says: The sleeveless top under the vest and the distressed jeans are just the right amount of casual to pull off a sportier sneaker. I also love the rich color palette she has going on with the navy, white, orange, and gold – it’s a head turner. This is a great example of how to get the most value out of your investment pieces – such as a blazer or long vest – by dressing them up for work, or down for the weekend. Notice the jeans are cuffed to show off her ankle bone as I mentioned as a general guideline earlier, which will keep your jean/sneaker combo from looking frumpy.

Amy’s wearing: Sneakers are Gola ‘Harrier’
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