Tween Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

If your kids, specifically tween girls, are in front of a screen at any time during the day, they may have run across a Youtube video showing them the latest craze in makeup application. And that may be their first introduction to how to apply makeup to their own face. Founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, Jessica Mae, not only wants to teach young girls how to put on makeup, but wants them know that makeup doesn’t define beauty. She stopped by to give tweens the right tools to create a natural makeup look.

Jessica says start with a cute makeup bag and build on that. Her must haves for a young woman just getting started with makeup includes these 6 things:

1. BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer
2. mascara
3. bronzer
4. blush
5. a good set of brushes
6. lip gloss

Jessica’s favorite makeup products

Great Makeup lines for tweens

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