Varicose Vein Treatment

It’s almost short’s season and maybe you’ve already worn them this spring. But, maybe you’re not a short’s person because you’ve got varicose veins and don’t like the way your legs look. They can look bad and feel even worse. But doctors at Minneapolis Vein Center say treating them and getting rid of them forever is now easier than ever.

Learn more about Varicose Vein treatments here.

Once that treatment is complete, patients say they want to show those legs off. This may be something they haven’t done for years. Mall of America Trend Expert Sara Rogers dressed two women who have been hiding their legs, that is until they got them treated at Minneapolis Vein Center.

What they’re wearing…


Dress, Macy’s $198
Shoes, Aldo $75
Earrings, Aldo $18
Bag, Aldo $50


Dress, Athleta $63.99
Shoes, DSW $59.95
Earrings, Aldo $12
Bag, DSW $39.95

Varicose vein treatments can be covered by insurance, but treating spider veins — which is considered a cosmetic procedure — is typically not covered. Minneapolis Vein Center is offering TCL viewers a deal. Schedule your free vein screening today and mention TCL to receive $100 off a cosmetic spider vein treatment.

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