Back-To-School Looks

Fashion expert and Blooger from To Wit, To Woo, Amy Seeman, stopped by to share some of her favorite back school looks for all ages.

Tips for Back to School Shopping:
1. Start by going through their closet to see what they have that still fits and then make a list of what they actually need.
2. Versatility is key so think about pieces that can be mixed and matched multiple ways.
3. Buy in color palettes so that everything can be mixed and matched together without having to think about it. This will save you money and time in the morning because they know it can all be worn together.
4. Download the StyleBook app to help with the “I have nothing to wear” battle.

Elementary School: Comfort and Layers
Super Soft Denim Joggers
denim joggers

Middle School: Finding Their Personal Style

High School: Senior Pictures

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