Makeup for Mature Skin

Sammi Bjelland is a former news anchor turned full-time mom and blogger. Her site sammi-samples-life focuses on affordable beauty and fashion. She joined us live on skype to talk about makeup products she loves for mature skin.

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  1. Moisturize

– Use something with hyaluronic acid — This helps keep moisture locked into your skin

– Wet your face and make sure it is damp when applying the moisturizer so there is some water to lock into the skin

–  Something with SPF 30 or higher in your moisturizer or foundation

– Popular, affordable brands are: Cetaphil and Cerave

Products: Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 35 and CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30

  1. Foundation Application

– Do not use a matte foundation

– Heavy foundations emphasize fine lines

– Use a shade darker than your natural tone. Foundations that are too light make mature skin look more dry

– elf CC Camo Foundation is great to build coverage without looking cakey

– leave the under eye area clear for concealer

Products: elf Camo CC Foundation

  1. Concealer

– The more concealer, the more attention to your wrinkles

– Keep it light and build up as needed

– Dab gently. Don’t tug at your eyes!

– Only use small amount of translucent powder if you need to set it

Products: elf Camo Concealer or Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer

  1. Cream Blush

– Cream products don’t bring attention to fine lines as much!

– Use fingers or damp beauty blender to blend into skin

– Start and mid cheek and move up to corners of eyes

Products: Milani Cheek Kiss

  1. Fill Brows

– Hair thins with age and that includes eyebrows

– elf Brow Wow is super easy to use and fills brows nicely

– Benefit has a pricier option but is very popular if you feel more confident drawing in your brows

Products: elf Brow Wow or Benefit Gimme Brow

  1. Line Lips

– Lips often thin with age, too!

– Use a color close to your lips’ natural tone and over line your lips a little

– Fill with cream lipstick, not too matte

Product: Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Liner or Jordana Easy Lip Liner

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