Lipstick Beauty Hacks

Beauty Expert, Hillary Kline stopped by with her favorite makeup hacks for your lips.

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Hack #1: Exfoliate Your Lips- Take a toothbrush or a clean mascara spoolie to exfoliate the lips. Put a little balm on the lips first, then in circular motions use your tool to get rid of any dead skin. Then moisturize your lips. You’re left with soft lips.

Hack #2: Fix any Mistakes with Concealer- As we head into fall, you might want to opt for a darker lip. Can be tricky to get the line perfect. Take a tiny concealer brush and go in and clean up the edges, which will create crispness and fix any “mistakes.”

Hack #3: Easy Transportation with Broken Bullets- Put the bullets of your lipstick in a pill case or contact lens case. You can take this when you travel, too.

Hack #4: Use a Clear Lip Pencil-Draw an X, use a lip pencil to draw the diagonal line and then fill in rest of lips.

Hack #5: Make a Cream Blush With Old Lip Color– Take an old lipstick and mix it with petroleum jelly (Vasoline) and then dab it on your cheeks. You’ll have a smooth and creamy inexpensive blush in a color you love.

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