Eyebrows Are Sisters, Not Twins

You get out to the Minnesota State Fair and discover it’s the best people watching you’ll ever do. You realize no two people are alike and our TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says, the same should go for your eyebrows. Julie says your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins.

The key is to map out your eyebrows using a makeup brush or eyebrow pencil as a guide. Julie recommends combing your brows before you start to apply product. She says this can make a huge difference! Julie uses Anastasia Beverly Hills powder with an angle brush to fill her in client’s brows.

Julie says if you prefer to fill your brows in with a eyebrow pencil, use MAC 266 Angle Brush. She also suggests setting your eyebrows with a mascara wand and hairspray so they don’t move! Julie is a panelist for the I AM Sarah Edwards event on September 14th in Edina. The event features everything you need to know about extensions and beauty. Click here for details and tickets.

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