Bridgerton Inspired Looks

The show Bidgerton on Netflix has gotten a lot of buzz. The drama takes place in 19th-century London and focuses on the aristocratic Bridgerton family.  Julie Andrews is the voice of narrator Lady Whistledown. From the scandals, the fashion and many plots twits it’s no wonder why it’s a binge worthy show. Speaking of the fashion, Mall of America Trend Specialist, Sara Rogers put together Bridgerton inspired looks that are also perfect for spring.

A simple shoe change goes a long way

  • Dress: Altar’d State
  • Boots: Altar’d State
  • Purse: Francesca’s
  • Earrings: Altar’d State
  • Necklace: Altar’d State

A sleeveless dress doesn’t have to stay sleeveless

  • Dress: Francesca’s
  • Heels: Aldo
  • Headband: Macy’s
  • Earrings: Macy’s

A chiffon drape can conceal figure facts

  • Dress: Macy’s
  • Heels: Aldo
  • Earrings: Macy’s
  • Necklace: Macy’s
  • Purse: Francesca’s

A cardigan can reign on top

  • Cardigan: Zara




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