Western Wear Trends

Western Wear is a big hit for fall! Mall of America Trend Expert stopped by to show how you can rock the look without feeling like you’re wearing a Halloween costume.

Sunglasses Buckle $168.00
Top Silver Jeans $49.00
Bottom Buckle $59.95
Blazer New York and Co $89.95
Belt Express $39.90
Shoes DSW $99.99
Bag New York and Co $49.95

Top Buckle $34.00
Sweater New York and Co $79.95
Belt Express $39.90
Necklace Buckle $12.95
Bottom Gap $69.95
Shoes Express $40.99
Sunglasses Gap $24.50
Bag Silver Jeans $110.00

Dress Buckle $49.95
Top Express $29.90
Bottom Buckle $59.95
Necklace Buckle $14.95
Bag Buckle $45.00
Hat Silver Jeans $36.00
Shoes DSW $69.99

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