Purple Pride Products

The Minnesota Vikings are the hometown team and they are certainly something to be proud of. That’s exactly why reporter Emily Engberg went all out as Vikings receiver Adam Thielen. Thielen has eight straight 100-yard games. Fans love to show off their purple pride in all sorts of ways. So, in honor of that, Emily found some products that do just that.

Starting with food. Angel Food Bakery in Minneapolis is known for their delicious food, but they are also known for their creativity. Case in point, their Purple People Eater Cupcakes that they made special order for Emily’s purple pride. If you have an idea, they can create it.

Haskell’s can certainly help you with your beer purchase for game day, but if you’re a wine lover, get ready. The Purple Malbec by Chateau Lagrezette is perfect for a game day celebration, especially if you have friends from the opposing team who are ready to have some fun. It sells for $15.99.

Moving on to fashion. You can’t route on your team without some cool gear. Sota Clothing is known for supporting all things Minnesota. They have some new hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts that say it all. SKOL! They also have a can cooler.

Flaunt Accessories is an occasional shop. They also have some cute gear that is not team specific, but of course, shows off purple pride. They have t-shirts, hats and of course some jewelry that is perfect for game day.

There’s plenty of fun to be had when it comes to football Sunday! If you’re at home, why not try a face mask from Victoria Secret in the own comfort of your home. As long as it’s purple of course.

You can’t talk about purple pride without mentioning Prince. In honor of the iconic musician, there’s a book by his long time photographer and collaborator, Afshin Shahidi. It’s called Prince: A Private View and it’s full of pictures and stories, including a foreword note from Beyoncé. It makes for a great gift and/or coffee table book.

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