Skin Care 101

Jessica Mae, the founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, has made it her mission to help women look and feel beautiful. But she says it all starts with a great canvas. That canvas is healthy, hydrated skin. Jessica stopped by the studio with Skin Care products she swears by.

SPF: Jessica love’s an organic sunscreen line called Coola. She tells her clients to wear sunscreen every single day, even if it’s cloudy.

CLEANSER: Every night you don’t wash your face before bed, your skin will age by 7-days! Jessica uses two different cleansers – Vitamin B Cleanser from One Love Organics, Elta MD Foaming Cleanser

She also says you should invest in a Clarisonic Face Brush. If you’re using one already, you don’t have to exfoliate weekly.

MOISTURIZE DAY & NIGHT: Jessica says look for a moisturizer that isn’t super heavy. The heavier the moisturizer, your makeup can slide right off. She likes two different products – Ultra Sheer from Skin Medica, Water Balm from Sonia Roselli

DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR LIPS: Along with hydrated and smoothing fine lines on your face, your lips also need daily treatment. Jessica uses Theraderm Anti-Aging Lip Complex.

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