Cozy Colors For Fall

When the colors on the leaves start to change so does your wardrobe. Boots, booties and sweaters come out in full force! Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers joins us live on skype with some cozy colors and statement pieces that are perfect for fall.

Look #1

  • Black blazer ZARA $129.00
  • Green quarter zip COTTON ON $34.99
  • Black leggings ZARA $25.90
  • New balance sneakers NORDSTROM $100.00

Look #2

  • Blue turtleneck BUCKLE $46.95
  • Denim jeans MADEWELL $138.00
  • White boots URBAN OUTFITTERS $100.00

Look #3

  • Sherpa shacket FREE PEOPLE $128.00
  • Yellow sweater GAP $39.95
  • Black leggings NORDSTROM $98.00
  • Adidas sneakers NORDSTROM $90.00

Look #4

  • Bell sleeve cardigan BUCKLE $38.95
  • Bodysuit FOREVER 21 $22.99
  • Denim jeans AMERICAN EAGLE $49.95
  • Sorel boots MACY’S $250.00

Look #5

  • Red sweater ZARA $34.90
  • Black jeans LEVI’S $98.00
  • Black boots NORDSTROM $200.00

Style Tips

1. Style tip: If you have narrow shoulders consider a quarter zip sweatshirt (it creates a V-neck)
2. Style tip: If you sweater is a little boxy try half tucking it to give it a little shape
3. Style tip: If your top isn’t long enough to give you the coverage you prefer to wear with leggings, layer a longer shirt or shacket over it
4. Style tip: Cardigans are a nice alternative to wearing a jacket and the sleeve detail on this cardigan elevates it to being more than basic
5. Style tip: Cropped sweaters are on trend, if you don’t want to show skin try wearing a super high waist bottom with it

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