As Seen On TV

Spring means a lot of spring cleaning for many folks. It also means a long list of products that suggest they can help you with clean up on your floors, in the kitchen and maybe even with cleaning up the way your makeup looks. Emily Engberg tests some of those products.

1. Flippin Fantastic
Em’s Grade:
-Flips several pancakes at the same time
-can also make other items, comes with recipes
-Fits in a pan 10″ and bigger

Emily used the cooper pan to use the Flippin Fantastic. The copper pan is a former “As Seen On TV” product that Emily featured a while back. She still uses it and gives it an A.

2. Hover Cover
Em’s Grade: A
-splatter guard
-good size for dish in microwave
-rinses easily

3. EZ Makeup Glasses
Em’s Grade: F
-supposed to be used for magnifying the eye piece so makeup application is easier
-has a light
-eye piece moves to other eye if need be

4. Hurricane Spin Brush
Em’s Grade: B
-picks up crumbs when it moves in forward motion
-no batteries

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