Fashionista Over 40: Online Shopping

When it comes to shopping, everything is literally at your fingertips. You can shop for anything without getting dressed or even brushing your teeth. But do you know the best stores to online shop? The Fashionista Over 40 does and Evelyn Irvin stopped by to share her secrets.

Evelyn’s go-to online stores:

+ Why she loves it: They’re on top of trends and offer similar style at affordable prices.
+ they have two sections for women’s clothing
a. One is appropriately called *women*
b. The other is called *TRF* – typically more for younger women, but Evelyn says it has great items for women of all ages.

**Tips for shopping Zara**
+ check their site several times a day
+ limited quantities — as soon as you want it, put it in your cart and check out
+ save on shipping costs by picking it up at the store – Mall of America

+ sign up for their emails to save even more
+ Evelyn says it’s a great spot for Vintage Denim and Summer Dresses

+ This store is her go to spot for trendy items that you don’t want to spend hundreds on
+ Evelyn says this is store to buy white shoes at because they’re inexpensive and when they get ruined, you won’t feel as guilty

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