Beauty Myths

With all the information out there when it comes to beauty routines, how do you know what is true or not?  Beauty enthusiast Sara Bartlett busts some of the myths.

  • Myth: A bold lip is aging and can look harsh.  Busted: Not so! Use a lip liner to keep the color from migrating outside your lip line and amp up your bronzer to bring warmth to your face.
  • Myth: Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer.  Busted: Oily skin can become dehydrated and need a moisturizer. In fact, dehydrated skin can produce even more oil to compensate for it. Choose a light, gel-based moisturizer instead of a heavy cream.
  • Myth: It’s bad for your hair to wash it every day. Busted: Not so. It was certainly a popular movement a few years ago, that coincided with the rise of dry shampoo. Not shampooing frequently enough can lead to scalp dryness and irritation – it’s skin that needs to be cared for. How frequently you should wash your hair depends entirely on your hair type and your lifestyle.
  • Myth: Apply concealer before foundation Busted: Try applying it the other way around. Foundation is intended to even out skin tone, so get that down first. Then go in with a concealer to see what (if anything) needs targeted coverage. This will ensure you only use as much makeup as you really need, and will reduce application frustration – like your concealer lifting and moving around on you.
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