Mother/Daughter Mother’s Day Makeover

There’s something about a mother-daughter bond. Just ask Deysta Gallardo and her daughter, Dominique. Deysta says it has always been just the two of them. Deysta raised her daughter as a single mom. The two of them are very close. So, when Deysta heard about TCL’s Mother’s Day Makeover contest with Ridgedale Center, she instantly sent a letter. To her surprise, they won. Deysta says she had to nominate her daughter because she works so hard as a nurse and the two of them could use a girls’ day out.

The two women won the contest and the timing couldn’t be better. Dominique is getting marries in September and just in time for Mother’s Day, Deysta is getting pampered. They both went to New Reflections at Ridgedeale Center to update their hair color. They got a fresh new look without being over the top or completely different. They also did something they both rarely have the chance to do. They curled their hair! Their makeup was finished off with a natural, pretty look.

Clothing and accessories were all made possible because of Jodi Mayers’ help. She does personal styling for people right at the mall in a private space. She and her team offer one to two hour appointments to go over looks that fit the customer’s budget and body type. Jodi uses her expertise to teach people about what looks work the best. Jodi picks all the pieces and brings them to the customer in that private space. That way, it saves time and it helps people see things that they may not otherwise pick. Because of Jodi’s relationship with the stores at Ridgedale Center, she can borrow them. If the customer likes the item, then they get to buy it. Otherwise, it goes back with no pressure at all. Jodi says she works with all sorts of body types and budgets. She can help people save time and plan for big events, new looks and can even help folks find accessories for their homes.

To learn more about Jodi Mayers and Style Partners at Ridgedale Center, click here.

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