Cabin Weekend Outfits

Your summer weekend packing list can become long very quickly. Ethelind Belle stopped by to show us some items that are fashionable yet versatile for time at the lake.

Look 1: Classy Nautical

-Striped Dress from Equation

-Striped shoes from Equation

-Straw Hat from Equation

Look 2: Dress Up or Down Pieces

-Off-The-Shoulder Black Tunic from Nani Nalu

-Straw Bag from Equation

-Sunglasses from Spectatcle Shoppe

Look 3: Athleisure

-Linen Pant from Athleta

-Orange Swin Top from Athleta

-White Tank Top from Athleta

-Wooden Sandals from Equation

-Tote Bag from Equation

-Sunglasses from Spectacle Shoppe

Visit Ethelind’s website at

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