Golf Fashion

With golf courses being the first extracurricular to open their doors, it’s no surprise many of us are taking up the game. Whether you’re asked to join a last minute scramble or planning to spend all day at the course, Fashion Stylist Amy Seeman is here to inspire you to reimagine what golf fashion looks like. Men have more of a traditional golf uniform with a polo and shorts. With that said, you can still have fun with your style.

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Model 1:

Layers are key for a day spent on the course. It may be chilly in the morning when you have an early tee time and then warms up throughout the day so a quarter zip over your polo will keep you warm without hindering your range of motion.

Model 2:

  • Outfit provided by Foursome in Plymouth, a family owned men’s specialty store.
  • Enroll in their legacy program for $50 and get 10% off lifetime purchases.
  • Greyson is an up and coming brand on the scene amongst golf pro’s. It was created by the former SVP of Design at Ralph Lauren with a mission to create clothing that supports performance at the highest level while also incorporating superior tailoring and construction. The wolf is their signature logo as you’ll see subtly in the print of both the polo and shorts.

Model 3:

  • You can still look polished while having fun with your style.
  • Unless you are an avid golfer, most women don’t have a polo shirt hanging in their closet so I wanted to show some low cost looks you can pull from your closet or repurpose without having to invest in a new wardrobe.

Model 4:

  • These Brooklyn shorts from Athleta look classy but are lightweight enough to break a sweat in.
  • A lot of courses don’t require collars for women so this is a good sleeveless tank option, but it can get chilly towards the end of the evening so I always bring a lightweight jacket with me.

Model 5:

  • This moisture wicking jumpsuit from Target is another great option you could run out and buy under $50 and wear again! It’s a great throw on and go piece for every day and travel.
  • Throw on a cute trucker hat with it to protect your skin and give it some personality.

Model 6:

  • Start by shopping your man’s closet OR in this case, I shopped the men’s section at Goodwill and found this plain black oversized polo for $5.99.
  • Amy was inspired by a tee-shirt dress she recently bought from Hunt & Gather that had a collegiate letter patch on it so I pulled out my old high school letter jacket and found a pocket full of pendants I never attached to the jacket and sewed this one from when I lettered in swimming.
  • If you don’t have an old letter jacket lying around, you can also find these iron on appliques at Jo-Ann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby and have some fun making it uniquely yours! If nothing else, it’s definitely a conversation piece.
  • Amy paired it with this Gucci Knock-Off flat cap I thrifted from Rewind Minneapolis and bike shorts

Amy’s Vintage Golf Blouse is from Queenie and Pearl

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