Simonson’s Salon & Spa Father’s Day Makeover

It’s not often that you get a dad willing to do a makeover and his daughter is the stylist, but that’s exactly what happened at Simonson’s Salon and Spa and Maple Grove.

Aaron Ball was game when his daughter, Charlie, surprised him with a makeover. Charlie says her dad is hard working, raised her at a young age and just recently graduated college. Charlie says this was a way to celebrate all he has done for her and for himself.

Charlie gave Aaron a little grooming with his beard, cleaned up his hair with a new cut and even did a little waxing to clean up his brows and unwanted nose hair. Simonson’s carries products that are geared toward the guys. They not only smell good, but they have fun, manly names, too. It’s called Badass Beard Care. It comes in a beard oil, balm and wax. It’s designed with all natural and organic ingredients. Charlie also gave her dad a little hair color to hide some of his gray. Even though he’s only 43, he’s been gray since his 20’s and he joked that he wasn’t ready to commit to the “silver fox” title just yet. The color only took minutes and it is very subtle.

Aaron says he loves his cleaned up look and the best part is he got to spend some quality time with his daughter.

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