Finding the Perfect Bra

A bra should feel good and look good right? But often times women are wearing the wrong bra. This can make the hips look fuller, the breasts saggy and clothes won’t fit right! It’s why we asked the owner of Fashion Fix, Lindsey Froemming to give us her style tips to find a bra that lifts, supports and is actually comfortable!

Lindsey’s tips:

  • The wire of the bra should be tucked behind the tissue.
  • Front and back of the bra should be even.
  • Front of bra should fit close to the sternum .
  • The bump pad lifts the tissue.
  • A new bra should be hooked on the outermost setting.
  • The band of the bra should feel like a good hug for getting enough support.

Lindsey is professionally fitted for her intimate apparel by Essential Bodywear. She says when buying a bra, you should always get sized first.

Lindsey can help you find the right bra, the right outfit and help you style the clothes in your own closet. Learn more about Fashion Fix here!

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