TCL in Your Town Excelsior: Unique Birthday Gifts

Twin Cities Live is highlighting unique stores in restaurants in Excelsior for TCL in Your Town and “Something Safari” is one of them. They have popular toys for all ages as well as things you won’t find anywhere else.

Flappy the Elephant $39.99 – baby
Push Flappy’s foot to hear a song or play peek-a-boo. An excellent toy for both music and cuddles.

Stomp rocket $17.99 – kids
Ready, set, stomp! Kids can launch these rockets up to 100 feet into the air with their very own feet.

Spin again $29.99 – baby
Stack the pieces one by one. Watch as they spin, wiggle and whirl.

Thumb ball $24.99 – kids active play
The newest way to play catch! Hold down the button to catch and let go to throw.

Fubbles bump n bubbles robots – $19.99 – toddler
This cute little bubble robot spins, bumps, and turns all about. Great outdoor activity for toddlers.

Scentco cupcake pillow scented pillow – $24.99 – kids
Scented, sprinkled, fluffy and absolutely adorable pillow. With a two-year smell guarantee, this fragrant pillow is a must-have for kids.

Pusheen plush $25.99 – kids
Your favorite cat munching on a crinkly bag of chips. The perfect plush for both tweens and teens.

Surf floor liquid tile $49.99
A unique and colorful addition to your floor. Fun for all ages to walk, squish, jump, roll, and play on.

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