Styling Summer Hats

How often are you washing your hair? We headed to Facebook and asked viewers, “How often do you wash your hair?” Apparently if you’re washing your hair every day, it could be stripping your hair of its natural oils. Most viewers said they wash their hair every other day….some every 10 days! Blogger and Fashion Expert, Amy Seeman, says a Styled Summer Hat can hide your hair on those in between shampoo days and everyone will just think you’re right on trend.

Fedora Hat

  • The fedora is probably one of the most well-known hats worn by both men and women for centuries. Although it used to be seen as the functional part to any well-dressed adult’s outfit, it’s now thought of it as a “throw it on and go hat”
  • It looks great styled with your hair up in a low pony and some pieces out in the front – it looks more effortless and chic
  • You can also wear this with a jumpsuit, or a long cardigan, tank, shorts, and ankle booties into the fall.
  • This is the perfect hat for running errands on a Saturday to hide your greasy hair, or to the airport when you are traveling, the zoo, a casual lunch on a patio, or dinner at a pub
  • DIY tip: If you don’t like the color of the band on the hat, use a men’s skinny tie and fasten it with a brooch.

Navy Panama Hat from Banana Republic

  • A panama hat is like the modern day version of a fedora.
  • The navy blue almost resembles denim, which is a trend that we’ll continue to see from head to toe for the foreseeable future.
  • Even though it’s straw, you could wear it with a chambray shirt, jeans, and mules into the fall.

Packable Visor from Free People

  • This is perfect to take out on the boat, to wear on a patio, or to bring on a beach vacation. You could also put this in your bag if you are walking around Lake Calhoun in case it gets too sunny.
  • Keep this one pretty casual though – not appropriate for a baby shower.

Floppy Hat

  • Pairs well with a tied up casual tee with something dressier like a pencil skirt
  • Also it also looks chic with a black one-piece swimsuit for a beach vacation
  • The large brim can be annoying for people sitting behind you so I wouldn’t wear this to a concert or play.

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