TCL Gift Guide Giveaway: FlyOver America

Get ready to take quite the ride! No need to pack a bag or book a flight. FlyOver America is a virtual flight ride that takes you a journey across the country. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg took a ride and loved every moment of it. Emily says it makes you appreciate the beauty of North America. It’s also super fun and perfect for the entire family to enjoy together. Guests get to see everything from the Grand Canyon to the Statue of Liberty thanks to amazing views that took months to capture. There are even special effects that make you feel the wind and mist of changing climates. When you sit on the ride, your feet dangle ten to forty feet above the ground. So, it really does make you feel like you’re the one flying. FlyOver America is at Mall of America. Just in time for the holidays, the ride takes you by the North Pole to see Santa, his elves and is workshop. Before you even get on the ride, you get to take a walk through a Christmas themed wonderland. FlyOver America is offering a Dot Com Deal for TCL viewers. You can get an admission ticket to FlyOver America for $9.50. The normal price is $18.95. To learn more, head to our Dot Com Deals page here. To learn more about FlyOver America, click here.

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