4 Girls Glamour

There’s a lot to be said these days about being a strong, confident woman, and a Twin Cities couple wants to help more women feel empowered. Not only day to day, but also in front of a camera. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to 4 Girls Glamour Boudoir studio where women are inspired to feel good in their own skin. Couple, Elizabeth and Aaron Vovk started 4 Girls Glamour to inspire their own daughters to embrace the bodies they were given. Now, women of all ages and of all shapes and sizes are embracing their own sexy.

Head to the Dot Com Deals page of our website to get a half-price deal on a Boudoir Photography Session at 4 Girls Glamour. The certificate is good for a 20-hour session with 3 looks and also includes hair and makeup. Buy it for $174.50.

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