Radisson Blu Minneapolis Deal: Tomahawk Steak

Downtown Minneapolis has a thriving theater scene, is home to some of the best pro sports stadiums, and has some great dining. Just blocks from the Theatre District, Target Center, and Target Field is where you’ll find Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown. Inside is Firelake Grill House and Cocktail Bar and that is where you’ll find some of that fine dining! Chef Keven Kvalsten prepares is recipe for Tomahawk Steak.

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Tomahawk Steak

• 1ea Prime Rib, Tomahawk steak (appx 2.5lbs bone-in)
• Kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper
• Canola oil
• 2T unsalted butter
• 2ea peeled garlic cloves
• 1 sprig of fresh thyme

Sous Vide directions
1 Generously season the Steak with salt and black pepper. Place in vacuum seal bag and vacuum seal on Medium. Cook at 139.5F for 1 hour in water bath. Remove from water and let rest.

2. Heat heavy bottomed pan, ideally cast iron, over high heat. Add 1T canola oil and reduce heat to medium once pan is very hot.
Sear Steak in pan for 4-5minutes. Turn steak over and add butter, garlic and fresh thyme. Once butter begins to foam, use a spoon to baste or bathe the top of the steak in melted butter while cooking over Med-high heat.
Remove Steak from pan and let rest for 8-10minutes before slicing.

If you are not able to Sous Vide the Steak, skip step 1. You can add the steak to a 375F oven between searing sides to complete cooking the thick steak. Use an instant read meat thermometer to cook steak to desired temp.

Here are 3 mistakes to not make with Steak:
1. Don’t cook the steak when it’s still cold. Bring up to room temp before cooking.
2. Season the steak liberally, ahead of time if possible 3-8hours.
3. Use the right cut. Lean meat tends to be chewier and/or have less flavor. Go for well marbled meat and cuts that are great for quick cooking. Example, don’t use a chuck roast for a steak!

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