4/24 Host Chat

Elizabeth and Steve talk about a Star Tribune article about a Washington Post reporter who once mocked Red Wing, and now lives there! Plus, the fun story of a St. Cloud bowler who bowled a perfect 3-game series.

4/21 Rockstar Row

Two Men and a Truck was started by two brothers (Brig and Jon Sorber) in Michigan back in the 1980's. Their mother (Mary Ellen Sheets) started franchising the business in 1985; fast forward 30 years and they are now in 40 states and 4 countries!

Good Company: Mama’s Happy

Amanda Ficek has certainly inspired a whole lot of women over the years. She owns a company called "Mama's Happy". It's a store full of refurbished, upcycled and incredibly unique pieces. You'll find furniture, home accessories and even jewelry. Everything is made or re-done by a group of artists who inspire and empower each other.

4/19 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth talking about Steve's diet cheat day and how University of Minnesota's journalism school will soon be renamed to the Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

4/18 Host Chat

Elizabeth is joined by Dez from KS95. They recapped their Easter weekends and talked about the planned celebrations for Prince this weekend. Click here for what's happening at Paisley Park!

4/14 Host Chat

Steve is joined by TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson as his co-host today. They talked about Steve's adventures trying to get his credit card back and why Kelli is loving Wicked at the Orpheum Theatre.

4/14 Rockstar Row

Members of Campus Faith Clubs join us in our Rockstar Row. Campus Faith Clubs (CFC) was founded in 2007 as a response to the number of students (over 80%) that fall away from their faith in middle school and high school. By encouraging and equipping students to live out their faith Monday through Friday and not just Sunday morning or...