8/7 Host Chat

Steve is joined by TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson. They recap their weekends (a Bruno Mars concert for Steve and running a 10K for Kelli). They also chatted about a Huffington Post article about a new study that claims your kitchen sponge is the dirtiest thing in your home and cleaning it doesn't really help.

8/2 Host Chat

Steve is joined by Farrah Fazal from 5 Eyewitness News! They talked about their love of words, including a Mental Floss article about commonly misused words and a BBC article about why "tick tock" sounds right and "tock tick" doesn't.

8/1 Host Chat

Steve is joined by Brandi Powell from 5 Eyewitness News! They talk about Brandi's engagment, and shared the story of a Minnesota couple's star-studded wedding video. See it for yourself here! Plus, would you bid to be in someone's wedding? This New York Post article tells the story behind a bride who's asking her wedding party to do just that.

7/31 Host Chat

Megan Newquist joins Steve as his special guest co-host to kick off our "Women of 5 Eyewitness News" week! They talked about her recent vacation and took a hearing test! If you want to test your own, click here!

7/27 Host Chat

TCL Reporters Emily Engberg and Kelli Hanson hold down the fort while Steve has fun for TCL In Your Town at Philander's Grill & Bar in Prescott, Wisconsin.