4/13 Host Chat

Elizabeth and Steve chat about a "chef camp" that's returning to the Twin Cities. And a new study they read about on Mental Floss about how asking someone in person is far more effective than over email.

4/12 Host Chat

Elizabeth and Steve talk about a Candystore.com article that found that black licorice is the most popular jelly bean flavor in the country. Plus, Steve is excited about his fall cruise with Carrousel and you're invited to join him! Get the details here.

4/11 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a goat yoga studio in Arizona. Then Steve tries out a neti pot. And they tried to learn different access from a fun Buzzfeed video.

4/10 Host Chat

Elizabeth shared a video with Steve of her daughter Bernie wrangling their chickens. Plus. Ford made a crib for an ad that makes it seem like your child is riding in a car.

4/6 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth celebrate National Burrito Day. Plus, they shared a Mental Floss article about popular baby names through the last 7 generations.

4/5 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth make our intern walk the studio for National Walking Day! Then they celebrated a New Jersey teen who was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

4/3 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth talk about an Entertainment Weekly article on new words added to Dictionary.com. Plus they discuss a Space.com article about taking passenger trips up in a sub-orbital capsule. And they wish actress Doris Day's a happy 95th birthday, which was a surprise to her. She thought she was 93!

3/31 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth told Emily if she brought back crickets that she found to eat at the Beef Jerky Outlet in Eagan, they would eat them. Well…if you ask Emily to do something then she will!

3/29 Host Chat

Steve is in the studio while Elizabeth co-hosts the show from Crayola Experience at Mall of America. They also talked about Crayola's plans to retire a color from their signature 24-pack!

3/27 Host Chat

Steve is joined by TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson as co-host today. They talked about her recent trip to New York City to interview Scarlett Johansson about her new movie "Ghost in the Shell".

3/23 Host Chat

Steve is joined by Falen from KDWB as his special guest co-host today! They talked about Falen's recent cruise, gave the #CupChallenge a try and met three adorable puppies for National Puppy Day!

3/21 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth talk about a Huffington Post article about Target's new swimsuit ad campaign. Plus, Steve shared a story from his childhood about Mr. Rogers!

3/17 Host Chat

Elizabeth is joined by 5 Eyewitness News's Kevin Doran in the co-host chair. They talked about a Fox News article on how much people will be spending on St. Patrick's Day this year. And they shared a few moments from a funny clip on Jimmy Kimmel with "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Jamie Dornan and different Irish phrases for drinking too much.

3/16 Host Chat

Elizabeth is joined by TV host and handy guy Matt Muenster! He caught us up on his new company, Spoke612! Plus, they shared their thoughts on a Huffington Post article about Victoria Beckham's new fashion line at Target. And shared a wild video from the Daily Mail of a truck driver who is about to have a very bad day!

3/15 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth talk about "clear knee" jeans at Nordstrom. Plus, a Curbed article on public napping with Sleepbox and a CNN article on the incredible amount of insects spiders eat each year.

3/10 Host Chat

Elizabeth and Steve give a very touching update on our recent auction for a TCL coffee mug. Plus, they shared a hilarious viral video of a Skype interview gone wrong. And discussed an article from Global News about the effects of Daylight Saving.

3/9 Host Chat

Steve surprises Elizabeth with the new Strawberry Nut M&Ms, available at stores now! Plus, they tried a new browser extension for Chrome called "NOPE" that will make a fake phone call to your number to get you out of a conversation. And they gave an update on our eBay auction of a TCL Coffee Mug for charity!

3/8 Host Chat

Elizabeth is back with Steve to share stories of her vacation to Texas. Plus, they talked about how Minneapolis-Saint Paul International airport has been voted best in the country! Plus, their reaction to a new statue in New York in honor of International Women's Day!

3/7 Host Chat

Steve is joined in the co-host chair by TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson. They talked about her daughter's recent birthday celebration and weighed in on last night's crazy episode of "The Bachelor"!

3/6 Host Chat

Steve is joined by the wonderful Kat Perkins as today's special guest host! They talked about some of Kat's new projects, including an upcoming "tribute" to Sia! And the Nintendo Switch is officially here! The hosts give the new gaming console a try.

3/2 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss with some fun facts from Mental Floss and The FW. And they reacted to a story about a pair of llamas making a break for it in Eagan. Plus, they share their excitement for the new Bellecour restaurant in Wayzata from Chef Gavin Kaysen.