Nice Ride Back for 8th Season

If our taste of Spring this weekend has you itching to pick up a new outdoor hobby, why not try biking? If you don't have a bike, no problem, the Nice Ride bike sharing program is back for its 8th season. You can rent a bike from one of the 200+ bike stations around the Twin Cities for only $3 per half hour. Need it longer? Their 24-hour ride...

PAB’s Packs

Pia Phillips and Abbie Nelson are teenagers who are making a big impact. The best friends started PAB's Packs, a non-profit that gives back to teens who are ill in the hospital. The backpacks are stylish, but it's what's inside that really helps.

“Pac-Man” Champ Billy Mitchell

Billy Mitchell was the first person to ever play a PERFECT game of Pac-Man - that's every dot, every power pellet, every ghost and all without dying. He's in town to help the Minnesota Lottery promote their new Pac-Man scratch game and stopped by the TCL studio to show Steve and Julia from the Lori and Julia show on myTalk 107.1 his skills.