4/14 Host Chat

Steve is joined by TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson as his co-host today. They talked about Steve's adventures trying to get his credit card back and why Kelli is loving Wicked at the Orpheum Theatre.

4/13 Host Chat

Elizabeth and Steve chat about a "chef camp" that's returning to the Twin Cities. And a new study they read about on Mental Floss about how asking someone in person is far more effective than over email.

How Much Sugar Is In That?

When we eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, a massive amount of dopamine is released in the brain and that my friends, makes us feel good and makes us want more of the sweet stuff. Sugar can not only increase your waistline, it can wreck you teeth. Dr. Scott Shamblott stopped to help us play a game we call, "how much sugar is in that?"!

4/12 Host Chat

Elizabeth and Steve talk about a Candystore.com article that found that black licorice is the most popular jelly bean flavor in the country. Plus, Steve is excited about his fall cruise with Carrousel and you're invited to join him! Get the details here.

Emily and Elizabeth On The Hunt for the Easter Bunny

Caleb Smith was on the internet when he spotted an ad on Craigslist that was selling bunnies. He was worried about people not taking care of them properly, so he decided to do something about it. He and his family bought the bunnies and started STEM Bunnies. It's a way for them to not only educate folks about bunnies, but it also keeps them safe.

Unique Easter Eggs Ideas

Do you have any rubber cement lying around the house? What about some old neck ties? If the answer is yes, TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson says you've got the tools to wow the kids and adults this Easter. Kelli got crafty in the kitchen with her two girls and found some mom-approved ways to create uniquely dyed Easter eggs this year.

Treating Urinary Incontinence

If you're a Real Housewives fan, you probably remember Lisa Rinna talking about her infamous Depends ad. She banked $2-million for being in the commercial and she says it's actually her most criticized role. Dr. Lisa from Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa says women should ditch the adult diapers and get to the root of the problem instead.

4/11 Host Chat

Steve and Elizabeth chat about a goat yoga studio in Arizona. Then Steve tries out a neti pot. And they tried to learn different access from a fun Buzzfeed video.

Home Shopping: Cities vs. Suburbs

The location of your home is an important decision when deciding what to buy. What you can get for the money varies greatly whether you buy your home in the city or if you go to the suburbs. Julie and Daniel Desrochers from Desrochers Realty Group show us a few examples.

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies

Coughing, sneezing, sniffling... oh yes, the signs of spring are here! Millions of people across the U.S. are beginning to suffer from seasonal allergies! Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics shares his tips and what you can do you experience relief!

4/10 Host Chat

Elizabeth shared a video with Steve of her daughter Bernie wrangling their chickens. Plus. Ford made a crib for an ad that makes it seem like your child is riding in a car.

Slime Break at Mall of America: Em Gets Slimed

Spring break has turned into Slime Break at Mall of America's Nickelodeon Universe. Getting slimed is an honor! Now guests can experience it for themselves. After going through a series of challenges, the "winner" gets slimed! Even those contestants who don't get first place get an honor. How about getting a pie in the face?! It's all in good...