Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest

These days just about every food you can think of has a gluten-free alternative -- from pasta to pizza to Girl Scout cookies. But do they taste like cardboard? And what even is gluten? These are all questions you can get answered at this the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest May 19th and 20th. Festival Organizer, Sara Vollmer, stopped by with...

Pantry Oatmeal Dough Bites

Melissa Coleman is the creator of The Faux Martha, which was named a Huffington post Top 10 Food Blog. Her passion is to help her 125 thousand Instagram followers how to make more with less. Her cookbook, The Minimalist Kitchen has over 100 recipes. She stopped by to share her tips and how to make Pantry Oatmeal Dough Bites.

The Science Behind Beef

Not all cuts of beef are created equal. Thanks to the Minnesota Beef Council, Dr. Ryan Cox from the University of Minnesota Department of Animal Science shares the rubs which go best with specific cuts of meat.

Healthy For Life Meals

When you're trying to lose weight, there's something to be said about convenience. You get to a point where you don't even want to think about what you're making for your next meal - and now you don't have to. Healthy For Life Meals, formerly known as Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating of Minnesota, is offering a brand new kind of menu, offering...

Birthday Splurges

This month we are celebrating 10 years of food, fashion and fun! When it's your Birthday you should go big right! That's why we're expanding the show to 90 minutes! Blogger and Creator of Curate Fashion, Katie Fokken stopped by to talk about things to splurge on when it's your Birthday.

TCL in Your Town Woodbury: Tailor Made Nutrition

All week long we are headed east of the Mississippi. That's because TCL in Your Town is celebrating the city of Woodbury. That means each day we'll highlight the great businesses and people that live there. We begin in the health food aisle at a one-of-a-kind grocery store that's making it easier for many people to make meals for their...

TCL Trend Wedding: The Cake

Engaged couples make dozens of decisions when it comes time for their wedding. But for Kay and Matt all of the decisions are left to you! Executive Pastry Chef and Cake Decorator at Amy's Cupcake Shoppe joins us with three options for their cake at TCL's Trend Wedding presented by The Wedding Guys.

1/24 Super Saver

Whether or not your team is playing in the Super Bowl, it's still a good reason to throw a party! Our Super Saver rounded up a few great spots that will do all the work for you - so you can just worry about having fun!

Good Company: Jack Links

You know you love it. Whether it's on a road trip, camping, on a plane or before a working. I'm talking about beef jerky. The CEO of Jack Link's Protein Snacks, a Wisconsin based company, says he eats so much of it, his dentist is constantly asking if he grinds his teeth. Jack Link's is this Good Company and they're making waves not only...