Button Up Shirts

You probably have at least one button up shirt hanging in your closet. Did you know there is more than one way to wear it? Would you ever think to wear it as a skirt? Fashion expert, Kelly Kafer shows us four new ways to freshen up the button up.

Stella & Dot Founder

Jessica Herrin founded Stella and Dot nearly 10 years ago and she has been praised for her business sense by the likes of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Oprah. What started as a little jewelry making in her living room has since become one of the fasted growing direct sales companies.

Statement Jackets

This weather can be so tricky -- it's chilly in the morning, cool but the sun is warm in the afternoon. It's the perfect reason to buy a new statement jacket. Blogger and fashion expert Amy Seeman shows us how to make a statement wearing one.

Ten Second Hairstyles?

Check out Pinterest and you'll find posts like "Ten Second Hairstyle" or "Five Minutes to Fabulous Hair". Some of the ladies of Twin Cities Live put this to the test! Kelli Hanson, Associate Producer, Brittany Larson, and intern Hannah Frimanslund find out how long it actually takes and if the styles hold up to what they promise!

Dazzle Your Denim

One fashion staple that has not and likely will not go out of style is the denim jacket. Even though the cowboys were wearing them long before, Levi popularized the trend when they introduced what's called the Type 1 Jacket back in 1905.

Good Company: Garden of Eden

For forty five years, Garden of Eden has been making its customers feel and smell their best. The company started as a small store that offered natural bath and body care products. Today, they have that and so much more. Their fragrances are unique and you can even make your own. Garden of Eden is a great spot for gifts. There are candles,...