Last Minute Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas

Halloween is a lot of fun for the kids and the big kids, but getting inviting to a last minute celebration can be frightening. No fear! Emily Engberg and makeup artist Julie Martin have come up with some fun things you can do last minute. They chose three ideas and put the looks together with things that can be easily found at your own home or...

Secrets to Aging Gracefully

We invited a special audience in studio, all women with glowing hydrated skin. That's because they're all fans of Minnesota made skin care line, Brevena. Getting on a great skin care regimen is important, but that's only one part of looking and feeling your best. So we put together a panel of three women in the 50s and 60s to share their...


Women buy razors for their legs, not their faces, right? But beauty experts say getting rid of that peach fuzz can help your product sink in deeper and your makeup go on smoother. But ladies, before you whip out the straight edge, it's time to head to the spa. As Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson found out at Simonson's Salon & Spa, a...

Stella & Dot Founder

Jessica Herrin founded Stella and Dot nearly 10 years ago and she has been praised for her business sense by the likes of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Oprah. What started as a little jewelry making in her living room has since become one of the fasted growing direct sales companies.

Ten Second Hairstyles?

Check out Pinterest and you'll find posts like "Ten Second Hairstyle" or "Five Minutes to Fabulous Hair". Some of the ladies of Twin Cities Live put this to the test! Kelli Hanson, Associate Producer, Brittany Larson, and intern Hannah Frimanslund find out how long it actually takes and if the styles hold up to what they promise!

Good Company: Garden of Eden

For forty five years, Garden of Eden has been making its customers feel and smell their best. The company started as a small store that offered natural bath and body care products. Today, they have that and so much more. Their fragrances are unique and you can even make your own. Garden of Eden is a great spot for gifts. There are candles,...

Pampering at Simonson’s Salon

Steve's wife Lu jumped in the co-host chair on today's before, but before, we sent her to sit in the salon chair. She's a busy stay-at-home mom of three who doesn't get a lot of time to herself. So Simonson's Salon & Spa treated her to a relaxing morning and TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson stopped by to get the dish on Steve!

Ask the Makeup Artist

Do you put concealer on before your foundation? And what takes off waterproof mascara? Many people chimed in on our Facebook page for another round of "Ask the Makeup Artist!" Founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, Jessica Mae explained her tips.

Drugstore Make Up Picks

Makeup artists shop at the high end makeup counters. They're in the know about the latest beauty products, right? We were surprised to find out that TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says the mascara she uses on her clients is only $5.99 and she bought it at Target. Julie stopped by with more of her drug store favorites.

Beauty Sponges

If you've ever wondered how celebrities get that flawless makeup finish, where it looks like their skin is porcelain, a Blender Sponge could be the answer. Twin Cities Live Makeup Artist Julie Martin stopped by to show us what it does and how you can use it.

Unexpected Gifts from Simonson’s

Target, a flower shop, a department store, maybe a local boutique -- these are all places you'd expect to pick up a baby shower gift right? I bet you'd never head to the salon. Those salon products are for more than just the shower. Melissa Matthews from Simonson's Salon & Spa stopped by with a few unexpected gifts to pick up at the salon.

Embrace the Glow with Measurable Difference

Ladies, you've been through this scenario before, right? You spend the time putting on your makeup and then you walk outside and it melts off your face. The summer heat and humidity can leave your face a sweaty mess, but Makeup Artist Julie Martin says embrace that glistening natural glow and enhance it.

Summer Event Ready

Have you got a high school reunion coming up this summer? Maybe you're getting together with family or friends you haven't seen in years. You want to look like you haven't aged right? Or maybe you want to look like you've aged well. Makeup Artist Julie Martin says it can be done, with the right products of course. She stopped by with her...

Beauty Travel Bag

Traveling usually means packing light – but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on your beauty products. Make Up Artist, Julie Martin shows three products that are a must have.

Take Your Makeup from Day to Night

In life things come up. You've got plans to do one thing and then your girlfriend calls, says let's get lunch and you're out the door. If those impromptu plans sometimes have you scrambling to put yourself together, makeup artist Julie Martin has got you covered. She stopped by with beauty products that will spruce up your look in just minutes.

Prepping for Summer at Simonson’s Salon & Spa

One of these days, in the near future it will feel like summer. Until then we can just pretend, right? We can pretend and get prepped for the sunshine, tank tops and sandals. That's exactly what TCL reporter Kelli Hanson did at Simonson's Salon & Spa and she had a surprise visitor.

Skin Care 101

Jessica Mae, the founder of War Paint International Beauty Agency, has made it her mission to help women look and feel beautiful. But she says it all starts with a great canvas. That canvas is healthy, hydrated skin. Jessica stopped by the studio with Skin Care products she swears by.