Trip of a Lifetime: Aboard the Celebrity Reflection

In October 2017, 40 Twin Cities Live viewers joined Steve aboard the Celebrity Reflection for a trip through the Western Mediterranean. The journey was planned by Minneapolis based Carrousel Travel, meaning the group didn't have to worry about any of the logistics. To start this week's worth of stories, Steve takes us around this massive, 3,000...

Mexico: East and West

For many Minnesotans, Mexico is an easy destination and the perfect way to escape the cold winter. Renata Faeth from AAA Minneapolis shares the differences between western and eastern Mexico, along with recommendations for where you could stay.

Planning Your Next Vacation

Steve Patterson and a few TCL'ers are getting ready for an adventure of a life-time. They'll be taking an 11-night cruise of the Western Mediterranean. Doug Moorhouse from Carrousel Travel says RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to plan your next vacation! He shares some of his best deals.

Vacation Rental Services

Vacations are fun but planning them isn't. For example, where are you going to stay? Don't book that hotel room just yet, just stay at a stranger's house. Travel planner and founder of Allé, Irina Vishnevskaya has advice on making the most out of rental services like Airbnb.

Travel Habits Worth Adopting

As a travel expert, Renata Faeth from AAA Minneapolis has jetsetted around the world, picking up best practices with each trip. She stopped by to share five things every traveler should adopt, and following these could help save you money, too.

Take a Cruise with Steve This October

It's the first-ever Twin Cities Live viewer cruise! Join Steve on an 11-night trip to the Western Mediterranean October 9th through the 20th. Stops include visits to Italy, France, Spain and Ibiza. Minneapolis-based Carrousel Travel is planning the excursion so you don't need to worry about any of the details. Doug Moorhouse from Carrousel...

It’s Never Too Late to Celebrate Contest

Miss a big celebratory event or a special occasion that you still regret? Don't worry! It's never too late to celebrate! We want to help you by giving away a trip to St. Thomas at Sugar Bay Resort and Spa. The all-inclusive resort has all sorts of amazing amenities. You'll also get round trip tickets for two people courtesy of Delta.